Friday, August 27, 2010

Knitting Hats

I like being creative and for awhile i have had nothing to do other than create through the computer, but i still felt that there was something missing.

I was talking to a friend who suggested that i knit hats and i can then donate them to be sold, so now i have started knitting hats using 4 needles so that the hat has no join.

So far i have knitted two hats and am onto my 3rd, the first one i donated to a charity store for it to be sold, then i asked a bunch of my friends if anyone wanted a hat made, so far i have made one for one friend and he wants another made so he can wash one and have one ready to wear

I haven't knitted with 4 needles for awhile so am remembering as i go how to do it, i would use circular needles but i cant find any big enough for the looseness i need to make and i cant remember how to knit using circular needles, i suppose i just need practice on them