Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nephew came over

Last week my nephew S came over to help me with something, as two people use the driveway and the other tenants car was still there my nephew decided to park in the back yard.

The backyard has a slab of cement that should be able to park 2 cars on it, but the tenant below has been putting stuff on one side of it so my nephew couldnt park there.

Later in the day my nephew left to go and i could hear him reving his engine and the car was still there, he comes up and tells me that his car is bogged in the backyard, asks if he can borrow my car to get someone to help him, so i give him the keys to my car and off he drive.

He turn back up 30 minutes later with a friend and i stayed inside to let him work it out.

After 20 minutes the car had still not moved so i went downstairs to see what the problem was, the car had gone further into the ground with the skirt of the car almost to the ground.

Suggesting a few things of how he could try to get it out it still wasent working to well as we couldnt get the car to grip onto the wood cause we didnt have enough strength pushing it. I went to my neighbour next door and one of the men that live there came over to help.

Sizing up the problem we worked out that he needed wood and to dig further around one of the front tires so we could get the wood under better.

A little while later and a few more pieces of wood we did get the car out.

The only problem the wood that we used belonged to the tenant who lives downstairs, the wood was slats for a bed, but it has sat there since he moved close to a year ago.

The next day, the things that where placed on the slab of cement where i should be able to park my car had been moved and the slats for the bed had also been moved.

I was waiting to hear something from the tenant downstairs about using the wood, but he hasent said a word.



Wilmaryad said...

Uh oh, this smells like back-door revenge. :p I bet the downstairs neighbors will suddenly need his wood, now that you've touched it. Typical ...

Very cool blog! ,)