Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changed Email Address's

For many years i have used a certain email company as my main email, when i sign up for things i used that email address.

Then 2 months ago i started to receive around 100-150 junk mails per day, i contacted the email company asking how i could get rid of them, their suggestion add them to my folder of people i don't want to hear from. It worked for a day or so and then one day i logged in to find overnight i had 206 emails from this company.

Writing to them again for the 3rd time i told them how i still had the problem and what they suggested wasn't working, five days later i get a response the company taking some of the responsibility and asked for me to send a copy of the email with my email address and they would fix my problem. Mind you this is two weeks later.

So i send them a copy of the email and my email address to receive a reply another 4 days later saying how they needed my email address, they couldn't find it even though i had written it in the email.

My question to this email company was, why cant they be like other email address's that if you put something in Junk Folder it knows straight away to not send it to your inbox again. Is it hard to have your email address do that, and why was it left to me to fix the problem when i am using their email?

Since then i have changed email address's...........having a few problems as this blog is under my old email address and even though i have changed the email address for here, blogger writes that they cannot change the email the account was first made with, so when i want to write on here i need to sign in with my old email account which i don't use anymore grrrrrrrr