Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Alone

Almost everyone has heard of the movie Home Alone, which had Macaulay Culkin act as the main character Kevin McCallister, but what if it happened in real life?

Well it seems that it being home alone was how David Cohen spent his life.

From the age of 12 David lived in a Luxury flat owned by his wealthy parents. It seems that one day his mother said she would be going to Israel for a business purpose and would be back one month later, but his mother returned 3 years later.

For the first three weeks after she left, David had his father in the flat with him, but after awhile his father started behaving oddly. One night, he took David out to a restaurant and told him needed to go to Manchester on business for a few days.

He explained why I couldn't go with him. As David had just won a scholarship to one of London's top schools, St Paul's, and couldn't jeopardise my studies.

When David asked 'Who is going to stay with me?'. 'I've never been alone for a night before.'
His father just smiled and said the porter would look out for me. Then he gave him two £5 notes, made him promise not to write to his mother and walked him to the bus stop. His father had left David to live with his mistress leaving the 12 year old to learn how to look after himself with no idea how to shop, cook, clean or make sure he was decently turned out for school.

David saw his mother a few times during the years she was away. She came back briefly for his bar mitzvah. His father didn't disappear entirely. They spoke often on the phone and every Friday had dinner in a restaurant before going their separate ways.

Im not sure how i would have handled being left to live alone at the age of 12, sure i would have know how to do basic stuff like cook, but for the rest i would have been lost