Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toilet Roll Hanger

I like to do crafty type of things like sew and just make stuff for the fun of it

I was talking to a sorta friend in the game i play World of Warcraft and somehow we got onto the subject of how annoying it is going to the toilet to find no toilet paper.

I rarely have that problem as when i moved to where i live now i made a toilet roll hanger which takes 5 rolls, the thing is i made it for myself so just used glue to hold it together as i wasent to worried about what other people thought of it

Anyhow when i was talking to this friend he was saying how he often has to check that he has toilet paper in the toilet before he goes to use the toilet, i suggested he go buy ones i have seen that are ceramic oval shaped that has a lid on it. Being a male he felt a little silly going and buying one so i said to him if he wanted i would make him one and it would be my prototype so i can see what needs to be fixed when i make some more as this time i would be sewing it not using glue.

I sent it to him this week and he got it yesterday, he thanked me for it and said it looked great so of course i was happy that someone liked what i made lol

I said he could have it for free but he wanted to pay me for it, so we made an agreement and yesterday he bought me a pet in World of Warcraft which i think is pretty cute.

I got the pattern from a website called Mad Quilter and if anyone else wants to make one its a great pattern to use.

This is a photo of the toilet roll....................This is the one i made
holder from Mad Quilter website