Sunday, March 6, 2011

Strange Parenting Products for Children

While browsing the net earlier today i somehow got onto a parenting site. The reason as i followed a link that said about Ridiculous Parenting Products and well some of them are really weird. Some make sense to me but well some of the others no.

Here are some of the products you can buy, be warned some might make you feel queasy.
Fake hair for babies every baby needs that right

I know dads let kids have horse rides on their back but this might be going a bit to far

The name of it The Daddle

Two plush toys being bodily functions the yellow one is meant to be urine the brown one faeces

Sperm Lapel pins and Earrings,
something im sure everyone wants to wear

A baby bum fan, hmm by the time you get it wouldn't the child's bum be drying?

I kept this one to last so people who might find a little disgusting wouldn't see it unless they went all the way down the page.

A Placenta Teddy Bear, it is a kit that tells you how to cut, cure the organ, then how to sew it into the teddy bear.