Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Was I born at the wrong time

Lately I've been wondering if was born at the wrong time.

But then it could have to do with the age of my parents had me my mum bring 36 and my dad 43, these days the ages may be normal for a child being born but not in 1964.

The reason I've been thinking this is how i cringe at times when people around me talk about certain things like sex.

I am pretty open talking about sex as long as it is sex but lately i have had people around me say my breasts look a certain way and how i have a box and crude stuff like that

To me you don't talk like that around a female it's rude, derogative, puts women down and plain disgusting

I have other females around me who laugh and giggle about it, i ignore it. The last time it was said this man had his children around him and i just ignored what was being said, his child turned around and said dad i think she didn't hear with the man saying oh she heard which i admitted i had, he later apolgised and said how he was playing around

What i think i will do is think of some things i can say back at him and see how he takes being spoken to in the same vein, i know he wont notice but i will be happy if i can get a reaction from him

These are some insults i may use on him, now to memorize them

Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn`t have given you worse advice.

Don`t you have a terribly empty feeling - in your skull?

I don`t think you are a fool. But then what`s MY opinion against thousands of others?

Sorry I`m busy right now. Can I ignore you some other time?

I bet if your brain was chocolate it wouldn`t fill an M&M.

Go ahead, tell them everything you know. It`ll only take 10 seconds.

He is living proof that man can live without a brain!