Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bad times for a few weeks

Near the start of October is not a good time for me, first today 4 October is my dads birthday he would have been 90 years old he died around 20 years ago.

Next is my mums birthday which is on 10 October she would have been 84, my mum passed away 7 years ago a few days after her birthday.

I lived with my mum till she passed away as none of my other brothers and sisters would spend much time with her so it was a little hard when she passed away as well as being told i better find a place to live or i would be made to move anyhow even placed into a refuge
I'm sure others have had the same done to them and its not a nice place to be at times.

With October starting along come some weird sometimes scary dreams of being chased being attacked all wonderful things. I do suffer from depression and am on anti depressants taking them stops me from having the dreams of waking up not knowing where i am and hitting my head against a wall. Oh my life sounds like fun hey.

There is one thing though that keeps me going and that is that I'm sure there is someone worse off them i am and would love to have my life even if i think it sucks