Sunday, October 2, 2011

Neck Pain (Torticollis)

Ever woke up with a sharp pain in one side of your neck well that's how i woke up yesterday it was really painful to move my head around or lift my arm to do anything

I found out that or course it is a thing that happens to quite alot of people, there are 3 ways that it happens
  1. Sleeping with the window open
  2. Sleeping in an awkward position
  3. History of an unusual activity the day before
What happens is that one or more of the small joints along the back side of the neck called “facet joints” become jammed or locked. The small supportive muscles of the neck that are usually controlled by unconscious reflexes (the muscles you don’t even know you have until you have this condition) contract and hold the joint in a protective manner so as to avoid what it “thinks” is further damage to the joint.

I'm the type of person who doesn't like to take medication if I don't need too so i thought i would look on the net to see what I could do to help alleviate the pain and found some great ideas to help with today waking up with almost all the pain gone

There are a few exercises you can do, the ones I did was a chin tuck exercise what you do is sit or stand in front of a mirror. Looking straight ahead, tuck your chin into your neck (there are those gorgeous double chins again) and push backwards, stretching the back of your neck. To make this stretch stronger, you can put both hands on your chin and push back. Don't drop your head - by looking in the mirror, it helps you hold the right posture.

Follow this link to find out other exercises you can do