Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stupid Males

What is this with males who are up to the age of 35.

Almost every male up to the age of 35-40 i go to speak to on Facebook or other chat programs seems to think as i am speaking to them that i want to talk about sex or show my body to them. I see lingerie shots and sure if your comfortable doing that ok but are you doing it cause you feel you have to to get attention or are you doing it cause you want too?

I grew up with you dont talk about such things or show your body to someone until you have got to know them, but these days it is seen as "the norm" that a female will show her body to any male over the computer and if you dont there is something wrong with you or so i am told by some of the males i try to have a conversation with.

If i try to have a chat with a male within 5 minutes i am getting told the size of the guys penis, asked what i like to do in bed what size parts of my body are and other things, like it is so important to know such thing to have a chat,

To me i think the guy is trying to do something like phonesex but is to damn cheap to even think of ringing one or think they are not that type of guy, well im sorry to say you are that type of guy, you are someone who has to chat to me that way cause they dont have a brain to talk about anything else

Give me a guy with brains who knows how to at least talk to me first and get to know me before telling me what they have between their legs cause your brain dosent sit there even if you sometimes think it does

Do people these days not have any respect for their selves?

Yes im having a rant cause im getting so pissed of with males who dont know how to talk to a female properly