Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Received in the mail today a letter stating i have some money sitting in a bank account, i do know i have some money sitting in a bank account and when i get the chance to get it i will.

First of what happens in Australia is that there is a site that you can check to see if there is any money you have forgotten about, it is run by A.S.I.C

What i found funny about the letter is that it starts of with this person is a 68 year old pensioner trying to obtain some extra money
  • If you are on a pension to make extra money why are you posting out mail which will cost you money

LinkIt goes on further that i dont need to give his name to ASIC, and that is just a note to tell me the money is there.

  • Why is it illegal what you are doing sending me this letter?

Of course i then looked to see what they are going to charge me to get my money, as previously i had received letters like this and they had taken $200.00.

He has written that if i successfully recover the money then maybe i could show my gratitude by sending him a small payment, a gift voucher or money order

  • So he wants money, if i dont which i wont isint he out of money so how is he making money?

Sounds quite silly to me, maybe he will get a gullible person but who knows?