Tuesday, November 8, 2011


To me fire is really interesting to watch it seems to come from nothing to produce different colours from different types of materials used. Im not exactly sure how the flame part is made reading up on it i thought i would share it

The first part i wanted to know about was how is the flame made well this is how it is made:

The flame is the visible portion of any fire and consists of glowing hot gases- what happens is the carbon atoms rise (as well as atoms of other material) emit light. This "heat produces light" effect is called incandescence, and it is the same kind of thing that creates light in a light bulb. It is what causes the visible flame.

For fire to work it needs three things heat, fuel, and oxygen.

On Earth, gravity determines how the flame burns. All the hot gases in the flame are much hotter (and less dense) than the surrounding air, so they move upward toward lower pressure. This is why fire typically spreads upward, and it's also why flames are always "pointed" at the top.

The flames also come in different colours depending on where it is typically, the hottest part of a flame -- the base -- glows blue, and the cooler parts at the top glow orange or yellow. In addition to emitting light, the rising carbon particles may collect on surrounding surfaces as soot.

To get smoke some of the decomposed material is released as volatile gases. Smoke is compounds of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.

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