Sunday, November 20, 2011

Speaking my mind

When I'm talking to people on the internet i often hide part of myself as I don't think people really want to know everything and some of what i know.

I have been chatting to a few people for awhile now who of course use the line "Be Yourself" you don't need to hide anything, i do warn people and say well what i know may not be to your liking and I'm not exactly sure you want me to be myself. But they so no go for it.

So of course i fall for that line after awhile and let my full self start to emerge.

Bad idea, as most of the time when I do people seem to be shocked with how most things don't bother me, like you can tell me really rude stuff and most of the time I just don't care, it just doesn't bother me and I'm very blasé about it.

Why I'm like this is at one stage I was doing a certain job (which I wont say) i heard and saw quite alot of stuff and now it takes loads for me to be shocked.

My question is why do people say to you "Be Yourself" when they seem to have trouble with it.