Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Air Conditioning

Last year i bought a Portable Air Conditioner to use next to my computer as i spend a fair amount of time there, each previous year it has got really hot so i thought hmm i will be ready and got mine in October of last year, of course it then didn't get hot enough for me to use it till today.
I now get to sit in a nice cool room without sweat pouring of me and feeling like i need a shower after i just had a shower.

I live in an upstairs unit so its hotter than if i lived downstairs and it seems to be cooling the room down to a comfortable temperature

The brand i got was Convair Portable Reverse Air Conditioner Cool and Heat 15000BTU it is a great unit not very noisy, cools the room down really well as well as looking sleek, I have had previous portable air conditioners and the noise from them was really bad not being able to hear people speak without shouting.

If anyone is looking to buy an Portable Air Conditioner buy one of these and you wont sorry.