Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love my Neighbours

Even though i have family i rarely get to see them especially on events like Easter and Christmas, they are usually of doing their own things.

When i moved where i live now i used to be afraid of my neighbours across the road as they are Lebanese Moslem after awhile the person who lives next door to me took me over and introduced me to them, that seemed to be my lucky day.

Since then the family have gone out of their way to make sure i am never alone on Christmas Day, they help celebrate my birthday and Easter of course.

They have 6 children ranging from 20 to 1 year old and im invited to the birthday parties when they are on or even if they are just having a barbecue, if they dont see me for a few days they are ringing me to see that i am ok, or just inviting me over i guess cause im alone but who knows, its great knowing they are there for me, the husband has helped me a few times with my car with changing the wheel and battery, anything they can do to help me they will go out of their way to do.

At the start i did say they make sure im there on Christmas Day, even though they are Moslem they love to celebrate Christmas sometimes having a big dinner like old time Australians would have with the roast chicken roast vegetables, one year i took over Christmas bonbons they had never used them in their life and had great fun when i showed them what you do with them.

They are not really any different to every other nationality, when i talk with the husband we talk about being a Moslem and how not every Moslem is bad which i have seen for myself.

Im writing this to show that even though they are Moslem dont hate them for their religion underneath it all this family are just the same as mine.