Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seems Seller beware accepting payment by PayPal

A person had a antique pre-WWII violin and decided to sell it on Ebay and payment was made through PayPal it seems to not have been a very good idea as when they sold it the person who they sold it to thought it was a fake.

Contacting PayPal the buyer was told to destroy violin take a photo and they would get their money back.

The seller meanwhile says there is no such thing in the violin world as a “counterfeit” violin, and the labels often mean little and there is often disagreement over them. Some of the most expensive violins in the world have disputed labels, but they are works of art nonetheless.

It seems that PayPal have in their dispute resolution that PayPal may ask you to destroy the item to get a refund. This im not so sure about why would you destroy something and then ask for the money back.

The seller of course was angry which i would have been as they were now out of the Violin and $2500. It seems the buyer was proud of himself as he sent the seller a photo of the destroyed violin