Thursday, November 27, 2008


I feel sorry for my neighbour why you may ask

She has very bad epilepsy having seizures daily, she has had her daughter (18) live with her, the daughter having a 2 year old boy.

Yesterday her daughter has told her that she is moving out on the weekend to live with a friend, the mother will be left alone in the house.
I don't think she is the type of person who can live alone, and with having the seizures she gets scared or worried when she has them i think, she often comes to my place to ring her daughter so she isint alone when having the bad seizures

In one way i think its bad that the mother is getting left alone in the house, but in another way i congratulate the daughter for moving out and moving on with her life.

The mother had a friend come over for a few hours last night as soon as she saw him she ran to him crying, i hope she feels better today.

The daughter has many friends who come over so the house is usually lively and the mother has her daughters friends come over all the time.

Will just have to watch the mother now and see how she handles things, I think i will visit her a bit more so she isn't always alone.