Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nephew Gone

Last December my nephew came to stay for a few days, after being here for those few days the place he was renting with friends lease came up so he had to move, with no money he moved into my place, telling me he would be here for no more than three months.

Well it is now November, and he has finally moved out, leaving alot of his stuff here though, he moved out about 2 weeks ago and i had asked him to pack his stuff up which he hadnt done, so on Saturday i just picked everything of his up and put them in plastic garbage bags.

On Saturday morning i got a rude shock, he had somehow got into my house, after hearing some noise i got out if bed as it sounded as if someone had broken in and there he was sitting in front of this computer.

Since then i have worked out how he got in and have fixed up the problem, today at around 8am he had tried to get in again but this time couldnt, when i saw him this afternoon he told me how he had tried to get in and how he couldnt, i was laughing to myself cause he couldnt get in, but i was also thinking that other people may be able to see how he is getting in and break in while i am asleep and worse things happen, plus its not a nice feeling hearing noise of someone breaking into your house even if it is family....


Sandra said...

Just.. wtf LOL
Change the locks!!!

It's like having a nephew who moved out physically 2 weeks ago, but in another sense stays with you because he gets back in at 8sm.

/shakes head

Kids these days...