Monday, November 17, 2008


I hate cockroach's and last night as i was walking to my bed barefoot i trod on a dead one which made my hop about a bit and think bad things, to get the thoughts out of my head i wrote a poem about it so i could go to sleep and stop thinking about the dead cockroach.

If you really dont like cockroachs dont read this,
as i was writing it, it brought back memories of me treading on it....

the crunching sound
under my foot
makes me scream
as down i look
to see two eyes
on a body now dead
it makes me wonder
how long it lay there
with my hand over my mouth
to stop the bile
from rushing out a thousand miles
i grab a broom
trying to cover my eyes
and bend to sweep up
what was not a good surprise


Anonymous said...

I hate roaches too trish >,< they make my skin crawl )=