Monday, November 3, 2008

Weird Dream

I had this really weird dream last night and when i woke up the muscles in my legs are a little sore.

I dreamt that i was out with some friends in Sydney and that i had to get back to where i live, it was getting late and i was wondering when my friends would be moving to get home, around 2am i ask them when are they going to leave and they tell me that they are going to wait for the trains to start working and catch a train home, i tell them that i can get them home easier and if they want they can come with me, they say no and I'm really getting angry with them as it is getting late.

Now for the weird bit, i grab my bag and some other things and i start to fly, i am flying like i am doing a breaststroke in swimming, i loose myself in tunnels, and people start to look for me in the sky.

What at the start i think would take me less than an hour ends up taking me 2 days as my legs get tired.

I woke up though before i got home.

Gee i sometimes have weird dreams, does anyone else have dreams like this or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

Ooh - are you into dream interpretations? I've heard that flying dreams are good omens, that something is going right in your life - that... Life. Is. Good.


Ashrt said...

Cool thanks for telling me that mammadawg, i always think any travelling dreams are good