Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What to write, what to write

Im sure there are some things i could write about, but i really cant think of any...

Hmm lets see what have i been doing
Well i edited and created a newsletter for the area i live in, the newsletter has been going for awhile and they wanted to change the look, so i designed a new look for it, it has a new front cover has an index, everything to do with certain things are on the same pages; eg childrens activities.....

At the moment i am making a flyer to do with a birthday, i sit and make a few to try to get my creative juices working properly and also to give the person i am making them for a choice of what it could look like.
They are strange people though, the one i would choose as it looks more creative and well i think better she dosent like, she likes the plain boring one, go figure

So that people is what i have been doing lately, i love when i can create stuff, well most of the times, doing the newsletter can be a pain in the butt as i have to read what people send me and cut loads out for it to fit and make it not to wordy.....