Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day

I know i am a day late writing this but i was a little busy yesterday
As it was Australia day some friends and i decided to have a bbq, only thing no-one had a bbq except me, so i pulled my bbq apart and dragged it over to my friends place, mind you i have one of those bbq's that sits on a trolley and it is pretty long and heavy, the bbq runs on gas and i had no gas left in the bottle.

On the weekend i decided to go to get the bottle filled was so much fun trying to find a place to fill it and the last time i did it cost me something like $15, this time it cost me $40. i was like OMG when they told me the price, then i thought ehh the bottle will last awhile so its all good.

I ended up getting to my friends place around 4pm (i was lazy and had a sleep in) i took over all my bbq cooking tools with me, one of the tools is something one of my brothers bought about 25 years ago, i use it still for when i start the bbq up and clean the bbq off,
I then have a Bar-B- Mate it was something made years and when i first got into the bbq craze my mother bought it for me, so every bbq is like going down memory road for me as i remember some of the silly bbqs ive had and how i got the tools i use.

Had a great time and got home around 9.30pm.

I also play World of Warcraft and on Tuesdays is the day that the game has maintenance, so i got home and jumped straight on the computer to play for 2 hours before the game went down, i just had to get some play time in for the day. I didnt tell my friends though why i left the time i did, cause when um usually at this persons place i dont go home till midnight or after...