Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A person who used to be my friend

This person called T moved in around where i live about 6 months ago now. She is a little slow mentally, but eh she seemed like a nice person at the time.

So much has happened since then to change what i think about her and to not want to know her anymore..

There are a group of us who get together who talk, joke around that sort of stuff, as she was new we let her join the group.
From the start we noticed that she seemed to wear the same clothes all the time and she smelled a little bit, we had a talk to her privately and went about trying to get some cheap clothes for her to wear.....that problem was fixed sorta, she continued to wear a certain jacket each day, pulling her aside we would tell her that the jacket needed to be washed and did she need another one as we would try to find one for her, her response was no as she loved this jacket.

I am pretty careful of who i give my mobile number too, she borrowed someones phone and the next day i received a SMS from her, it seems she had gone through this persons phone and had taken my number out, i was pretty pissed at this as i didnt want her to have my number as i knew she would be a nuisance

One day it appears that she walked up to a 17 year old boy who was near his dad and asked if he wanted her to give him oral sex....he said no of course and people looked at her strangely.

At times we would have parties at peoples places and bring food along, she would see the food and eat most of it, we would say something and she would just look and say so what. Another time some KFC was bought, she grabbed 5 pieces of the chicken and loads of sides and again when someone said something she was so what im hungry.

The latest thing was she had got herself a boyfriend, i was happy for her thinking cool she has someone who wants to be with her, it lasted one week.
She is saying that he is bothering her and the such, i thought this a little strange and spoke to some of my friends who knew her, the story i got was that she is bothering him.

It also seems that she gets paid for sex, i still didnt believe any of this as i hadnt seen it with my own eyes, but one day she was caught giving a man oral sex, i didnt see it but i thought i would ask her about it. When i ask her if it was true on facebook she wrote back to me "whatever" she then stopped talking to me. To know her this is strange as she is the type of person who would chat forever.

I have a problem with people who lie all the time, sure most people will lie now and then, but she is now slandering this guy she was with for a week as he no longer wants to be with her. I can take most things, but if she has lied about this, she has lied about alot of things that she has told me and i dont have time for people like that.

So bye T, dont come to me when you need help anymore as i wont be there for you.