Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve

I have a friend who i will call S (she is pretty shy)

She met a guy about a month ago, he seemed pretty ok and i was happy for her that she had found a guy, while out i would often see the two of them together, i would stop for a second say hello (not being rude and ignoring her) and go on my way.

She often talked about him telling me how she liked him and stuff, but wondered what he thought of her.

Going to a party on Christmas Eve i saw him and her chatting so i went up and starting talking to my friend S and the guy she liked, (i usually can suss people out pretty well so my friends usually get me to talk to new people) my friend S walked away for a second and i chatted with him awhile finding out that he was really only looking for someone for sex, i didnt like this idea and told my friend to watch him and that he would be ok as a male friend but thats all, telling her what he was looking for.

On NYE i went to this friends S party having fun talking catching up with some friends and stuff, she was waiting for this guy to turn up and eventually he turned up around 11.00pm.

I knew she wanted a cuddle from him but was to shy to ask him for one, so i manoeuvred my friend over towards the guy and suggested that have a cuddle, i stood there awhile chatting with them (as i knew she would be more comfortable), soon after i walked away, going back later to chat with them again.

Somehow later in the conversation he asked me something personal, i told him that he didnt need to know and it was none of his business, reminding him that my friend S was standing there, his comment was "she is not my girlfriend, i can ask what i want", i walked away as i was disgusted him (dirty little man) asking me this and well my friend likes him so he is off limits to me.

My friend S later walked him out, she came back and told me that he told her that he liked me (yuck yuck) i laughed and said no way would i go near him.

My friend and another person there then told me that earlier on he had his arm around my back almost touching me. I wish i had known that he was doing that as i would have hit him and left him as a very sorry pathetic little man that he is.

If i see him again i will be saying a few nasty words to him, he better watch out for himself is all i can say