Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Memories of Young

I was talking to my 23 year old nephew S today and we where discussing how Australia dosent really have the resources to look after the amount of people living in Australia and the amount of people yet to come.

Australia is an arid land, with The rangelands, which cover more than 70 per cent of Australia, being arid and semi-arid where rainfall is too low or unpredictable to sustain intensive agriculture (i.e. cropping or mixed farming).

The last few years Australia has been in a drought like im sure other countries have been. Water was rationed for people to use in their homes, with less people living in the country the amount of water would probably have sustained us longer.

Also the land we have is getting used up very quickly which of course is not good for the green house gas emision.

Around this time of the discussion with S, i told him how years ago i used to be able to go to a circus around 2 mins drive from my mums house.
What stands there now are many townhouses for people to live in.

I have memories of being the age of 12 or 13 and going into the bigtop and seeing the show with my friends, we had rides also sideshow games and all the fun you could have being that age....ahh the memories.