Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Annoyed with a person

Where i work during the day there are alot of Volunteer workers, there are more Volunteers than workers and if it wasent for the Volunteers the place wouldnt run as it does. There has been 4 managers since ive been there and the Volunteers have been able to help the new Manager know how the place works.

The new manager has decided to give food tickets for the volunters so they can get something nice and healthy to eat at a place called New Horizons Cafe which helps people who are mentally a little slow, they learn how to work in a kitchen are given a certificate after 6 months training in hopes they can get a job somewhere else or stay working there.

This one person today i felt so angry with him as his first comment was, why are the volunters getting food vouchers, its a waste of money and the money should go towards helping people. I told him how the Cafe is run , he then carried on a bit more with it saying how the Australian Government wastes money, how is the Cafe a waste of money as it is helping people.

His next comment about the volunter's not getting the vouvhers was that the volunters could buy their own food, the people who do volunter work there are on pensions and to buy something healthy to eat is very expensive, and that by giving the person the voucher to buy healthy food it is helping the government in hopes people will enjoy to eat healthy food and in the long run that will help the health system and save money, he didnt like this comment either.

He then told me he is on a pension as he has a bad back, and i said how maybe a few days a week he could work, his comment was why should i work and as he is 48 he should be allowed to enjoy the rest of his life and how he could die tomorrow. I turned around and said yes and i could die tomorrow as well, but i dont sit around doing nothing, he continued on about his bad back which by this time i wanted to slap him so badly, and if his back is so bad how come he has been around all day doing nothing, he could be sitting somewhere doing some work he just glared at me and someone else was trying to get him not annoyed at this stage by joking with him.

But gawd i really hate people like that, here he is saying we should do something for the youth.

To me if you want to do something for the youth show that it is good to work and what you can get when you work, not live like this jerk was..

Ok ive had my rant now but i still wanna slap him so hard