Monday, May 3, 2010

Spinach Lasanga

I made Spinach Lasanga, cause i love eating spinach.

I found a recipe on the net and thought it sounded pretty easy to make and as i wouldnt have much time when i got home today i made the white sauce and the spinach filling yesterday.
So today i just had to put it all together and bake it.

It worked out great and it tasted ok, but i found it a little bland, which as i was making it im thinking hmm bland.

Usually when i make food i make loads of it and then i put it in the freezer to eat another day, but not today, i have put aside enough so that i could have some for tomorrow night and not have to cook, but i dont really want the rest of it.

My friends are are gonna love me as i have put some in containers and im going to give them the Lasanga tomorrow.

No pictures as i didnt think about it writing about it till now heheh