Monday, May 17, 2010

Couldnt move my car

Yesterday i woke and as it was Sunday i played around on the computer for a little bit, had a shower and went outside to go and buy the one newspaper i buy one newspaper per week...

What should happen, there is a car in the driveway..........i cant get me car out grrrrr

I knocked on the door of the person who lives below me and got no response, his mother lives next door, so i went to her place and she wasent home as well.

So i went to another neighbours and asked if she had any phone numbers so could get the car moved, my friend rang the guys mother who said she would be back soon.

The mother returned and she rang her son who didnt answer the phone, but her daughter did who was with the son, after listening in a bit, i heard well its her thinking WTF how is it my fault. I ask the mother what was said and she told me the daughter said "why does she need to go out".

It seems they where at Bankstown and said they would return in an hour, which i didnt agree with and it seems the mother didnt either

The mother then asked me what i needed to do and offered me her car to drive, so of i went and got my newspaper and something to eat.

A few minutes after i got home the people got home and moved the car, i said to the daughter how her mum let me use the car so i was able to get what i wanted.

I then turned around to the person who's car it was and said to her to not park in the driveway, she mouthed something back at me, i then turned around and said "Hello its a driveway, a driveway you do know what one of them is dont you".........

One of her friends that was with her said hey dont pick on her she had to go see someone in hospital, i turned around and said hey there is a front yard she can park there, there is the street she can park there,...............the guy carried on for a bit till i told him that it was not the first time she had parked her car there that she parks her car there at night, and it is damn lucky i dont need to go out............

I then walked away and went over to my friends house for awhile.

From now on, i will be parking my car out on the front lawn, the guy downstairs will probably say something asking me to not park there, but i dont care anymore.......i am so sick of his friends parking wherever they want too.

Its my yard as well, and i think i have been nice long enough, time to do what i want to do.