Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kuta Beach Boys

I was reading on the net the other day about how some Kuta beach boys where rounded up and taken to by the Bali Police..

I dont see what the big problem is with the men talking to the women on the beach. Sure i know there is more to it than that, but if it was women would there be such a problem.

What about the documentary that was done a few years ago called My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist.
Men went there for a holiday and have a girlfriend experience for however long they where there, in other words they got to choose a prostitute from a line up of girls that showed up when the tourist got there.

What are the men doing any different, the men are offering their companionship if it turns into sex well it does, but the women arent going there and making all the men line up and choosing one of them, it is up to the man if he chooses to and the women if she chooses too.

What im talking about is The documentary, "Cowboys in Paradise" by Singapore-based writer and director Amit Virmani.

Officials are saying that the candid interviews with the local men who flirt with and seduce foreign tourists has severely tarnished the resort island's image.
"All they did was speak honestly about their lives. No one should be harmed for that," he said.

The film maker said "I wanted to understand the men behind the cowboy myth. People never got past looking at them as gigolos. That's so one dimensional. I wanted to know why they are so appealing to women? What are their relationships like?... I wanted to humanise them.

An American woman tourist interviewed said the beach boys just "love to have fun".

"The women that come... what they're feeling is that these people feel safe to them and they love to have fun. They'll get out and sing and dance and joke and they'll include you in everything," she said.

So what are these men doing wrong, would they have been treated differently if they where women?