Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long hair

I have pretty long hair and part of me wants to get it but where another part dosent want me to cut it, my hair comes to the top of my bum. Why do i want to cut it well let me tell you a few annoying things that happen
  1. Long hair gets caught in car doors, bad on windy days owww
  2. Washing my hair takes around 15 minutes
  3. It takes around 10 minutes to comb my hair after i wash it to get all the knots out
  4. I used loads of hair conditioner
  5. I cannot wash my hair while in the shower
  6. It tickles me
  7. The end of my hair sometimes scratches me
  8. It gets in my food when i try to eat if i dont tie it up, different way to get fibre i know
  9. I need too tie it up when i go to sleep
  10. While im asleep i wake up at times with my hair around my neck choking me
  11. All i can really do is tie my hair up different ways
  12. I cant put colour in my hair myself
Im sure there are other reasons but i cant think of them right now.