Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why do Cats Purr

There are a few reason that cats purr the first has to do with when they are born, they can't see, and they can't smell or hear very well. The vibrations from their mums purring allow the kittens to find her more easily. Her purring also acts as reassurance. She's letting them know that she's friendly, happy and ready for nursing them.

Another reason is that cats sometimes purr when they are feeling anxious, ill, or even when they are in pain or dying. Cat purring is sometimes an act of reassurance for Kitty herself. She associates it with nice experiences, so purring when she's feeling sick, stressed, in pain or even dying, helps her to feel calmer.

Other reasons include reassurance for humans sometimes when the cats owner gets upset it will go to the owners side and purr. It's believed that again, its an act of reassurance, but this time it's like they're saying "We know you're upset, but we're here for you."