Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why do Sikhs wear Turbans

I found an old book called 1000 Questions and Answers, over time i will write some of what i think is interesting today im going to write about why Sikhs wear Turbans.

It seems the reason Sikhs wear Turbans is for religious reasons.

When a Sikh is born they are never to have any of their hair cut the parents looking after the hair till the child is old enough to look after the hair themselves, as you can guess the hair would get very long so they wear the turban to make sure the hair is protected from becoming tangled, or coming in contact with pollutants.

A Sikh believes that hair kept intact in its natural state honours the inherent physical creative process intended by the creator. The Sikh code of conduct stipulates that hair growing from the scalp, all facial hair including eyebrows lashes, hair on the lip, nose, ears, cheeks chin, and every hair growing on any part of the body are to remain unaltered. No modification of nature should occur to dishonour kes (hair).

Tying a turban is an event which occurs every morning in the life of a Sikh. The daily routine includes the care and cleanliness of the kes (hair) and beard. In addition to the morning schedule, the hair may be combed and the turban retied after work, before evening prayers, or before bedtime. Many Sikhs wash their hair before morning meditation on a daily basis rinsing it with clear water or shampooing.

There is loads more information why Sikhs wear turbans and if you want to know more About.com tells you more.

Video on how to tie a Turban