Sunday, September 21, 2008

Living with a lazy 22 year old male

In January this year one of my nephews turned up saying he had no-where to stay and could be stay with me till he found something it would be for around 3 months so i said ok that's cool

It is now September and he is still here

I don't mind having him here but the one thing i hate is that he is so damn lazy.

I will wash up have all the plates and cups in the cupboard and if i use anything after that i would wash it to make the place still look tidy, but not him......what he does is makes loads of mess and leaves it there. I ask him to wash up and its a big deal with some of the things he washes still dirty. At the moment i have no clean plates or cups in the cupboard as he is supposed to wash up and i wont wash up when he has too. Another problem he will use the towels and not wash any of them, as it is i now have my towels and he has his towels as he wont wash them if there are still some he can use

My one pet hate is that he loves to drink milk which is fine, but as the glasses he uses might not get washed for a few days i ask him to rinse the glass then soak the glass in water so the milk dosent go hard in the bottom.

Are all males this damn lazy or was it his upbringing?


chris said...

ahhh, nature vs nurture at it's finest.

i'd say males tend to be more lazy then females, especially when said female will eventually take care of the "problems."

he sounds a lot like i was (, put things off as long as possible and then half ass it.

its your house, you have the right to live how you want to. you're going above and beyond by allowing him a place to stay. you shouldn't have to sacrifice how you like to live as well.