Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeding the neighbours Dog

Where i live next door to me there is a dog that i think dosent get feed very much, and hardly ever gets bones.

When the dog first came to live next door it didnt really like anyone as the people who had it before had children that used to hit the dog around the mouth, it took about 3 weeks before the dog would let me touch it, now i dont have any problems at all as it trusts me.

On Tuesday i found in the butcher this really big beef bone, it looks like it could have been a leg bone, seeing though it was only $2.00 i bought it for the dog.

Whenever i come home the dog is waiting for me and runs over to the fence jumping up so i can pat her easily, on Tuesday when i gave her to bone she looked at me with loving eyes didnt stay for her usual pat and ran away with the bone..

When ive been going out i see her lying with the bone and trying to chew more off the bone, it is good to see her happy and to have her something to chew on


Sandra said...

Hello lady, t'is Rai here.

(Skye pointed me here.)

Poor dog! How old is he? I assume the kids are gone now?

Sandra said...

Poor dog... At least it's still able to trust despite the abuse.

T'is Rai here, my blog is at -- hope you don't mind, Skye pointed me here because she found your musings about random things interesting, and wanted to share them with me :D