Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Farewell for Manager

Today we had a farewell BBQ for our manager where i work, it was in the local square out the front so that any person who knew my manager could come and say goodbye to her.

She has been with us for around 2 years now and within that time she had been going to University so that she could be a Lecturer

With her leaving we got the words from the Abba song, Mama Mia and added her name to some of the words as well as
We’ve been working with you for 2 years now
And we’ve made up our minds we will sure miss you
Look at us now, we aren’t at all glad
We don’t know how we will ever survive from now
There’s a sadness within our souls
Just one look and you will see our crying
One more look our tears are not slowing o-o-o-ohh
Also a video was made of some of the pictures i have taken through the time that she has been there and someone had added some words to it about her leaving.
She will be missed, but we already know who the new manager will be, and that is someone who works there already, so that will be good.
Where i work has a load of volunteers and there is a joke there saying that this one volunteer who has been there since the place opened trains the new managers that come in.
What i do while any activity is on, is walk around and take photos of what is happening, i like to get photos when people aren't looking as i find that they make the best photos, even though we did get a group shot