Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World of Warcraft (WoW), Brewfest

In WoW during the year they have different events this time of the year its Brewfest, i think it is to do with Oktoberfest that runs in October, this year Brewfest is running between September 20 - October 4

Some of the things you can do are
  • Ram Racing -where you pick up kegs of brew from Kharanos or Razor Hill and bringing them back to the fest.

  • Barkers Wanted - where you'll be given a ram to hurry you on your way, spreading the word around Orgrimmar or Ironforge about who makes the best brew.
  • Defend the Fest - when The Dark Iron Clan dwarves try to ruin the event for everyone you get cups of beer and throw the beer at The Dark Iron Clan dwarves killing them
  • Seek the Saboteurs - where you go to Blackrock Depths with a party of five players do battle against Coren Direbrew where special rewards including epic weapons, trinkets, and rare mounts.

The rare mounts are a Brewfest Kodo which is what i got.

This is me sitting the Brewfest Kodo that won out near the front of Ironforge

To find out more about Brewfest Event you can go to World Of Warcraft Website