Monday, September 29, 2008

Words and Thoughts

Do you ever have thoughts going around in your head, but cant find the words to explain the thoughts, or how the thoughts should be seen.

Thats is happening to me at the moment.

Usually at times like this i can write stuff down like a short story or a poem, but the words dont want to show themselves so i am stuck with these thoughts just moving around grrr

Well i wrote this yesterday and i was able to get the thoughts out of my head and this is what came out last night

words that tumble through my brain
they have no meaning
and are not profane
they are some feelings
that want to come out
but have no substance
or any clout
its hard to put these feelings to words
im not even sure
how to explain or observe
trying my best
to capture the sounds
but they escape me
in leaps and bounds
i hope you see my quandry
and one day i will be free
to explain these feelings
that are inside of me