Friday, October 31, 2008

Not really wanting to write

I haven't felt like writing anything in here even though i wrote at the start i would try to add something every day.
I have things i can write about, but i think after i couldn't use the computer properly and being able to only use dial up i couldn't be bothered to write.

My connection was placed at ADSL1 to see if i could get a stable line, which i do, i get disconnected maybe once per day, so I'm not exactly sure what is happening

From memory what the ISP told me is that the modulation of ADSL2 is struggling to get through, I'm not sure what they have to do about it, and i suppose i should ring them back and get it worked out, but after not having the net and catching up on stuff and seeing what the modem is doing i haven't done so yet, i will probably ring them tomorrow and tell them what is happening, then hopefully this whole fiasco will be over..