Monday, March 9, 2009


I have a community garden and had planted some seeds for carrots and spring onion a bit over a week ago, i have been looking at them but they never seem to show.

Yesterday i went down and added some plant food and a wetting agent to the soil and saw nothing growing.

But when i went today i could see 3 carrot seedlings growing through as well as the spring onion, its strange how a day changes things or maybe putting the plant food on them yesterday helped to make the seeds grow properly

As well as adding the plant stuff i got told there where some lettuce plants growing that had grown from seeds from last year and to take some to grow them, i have planted them in a seed tray and when they get bigger i will add some of them to the ground i have.


Arameya said...

I've always wanted to grow a plant, or a flower - just so I can prove to myself I'm not entirely hopeless when it comes to manual labour (ie, nothing to do with computers). But I've never gotten around to it.

The whole deal just intimidate me. There's the soil type, the weather/climate/season, the pest control, and most of all the DOG...

Oh well, post some pictures of your little plants? :P