Sunday, March 22, 2009

More about my Garden

My Garden is going great.

I have 2 eggplant plants and 1 silverbeat plant growing, eggplants i dont like ( they came with the garden and the vegetables are going to a friend) but silverbeat i love, i cant wait till it is a bit bigger so i can use some of the growth

I went on Thursday just to check the garden, see if it needed watering and stuff, luckily i had, usually i go on a Sunday and Wednesday, but was busy this Wednesday as some of the lettuce plants had decided to die and some of the other stuff i had in the ground needed a little water as well

Last Sunday i planted some Bean and Zuchini seeds, when i went on Thursday the zuchini had started to come through but the beans werent showing at all. Today i went and 3 of the bean plants had started to come through which i think is cool.

A friend told me that i am growing the Zuchini's at the wrong time as the frost will come along and make it hard or burn the vegetables, we will see how they go. If the vegetables dont grow at all, at least i will be able to add the plants back into the ground to add nutrients.

A friend has asked me to take photos and i forgot to take my camera again today, i will try to take it with me tomorrow and run down after work, this way i will have pictures of the things i am growing when they where babies.