Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Television add

There is an add on TV at the moment im not exactly sure what they are trying to sell but it has stuck in my mind.

What it is about is how in the olden days (1970's-1990's) to watch TV you had to carry an old television around with you, to type they had an old type of typewriter with paper flying everywhere in the wind and to listen to music they had a guy with a turntable in front of him and on his back he had a pile of records...

It just got me thinking that i have seen alot of changes, i remember when walkman's came out and they where the height of perfection, you could get ones that you could listen to the radio and you made tapes of music you like and put it in the tape area, but you got sick of course of the tape you had as you could only have a maximum of 20 songs i think, and you had to change sides.

Next came CD walkmans, everyone wanted one of those as well, you could now listen to a cd which had more songs and was easier to carry and all the songs where on one side, no having to change the tape over anymore, but of course you still got sick of certain cds.

These days you can get a little tiny Ipod Nano which can holds thousands of songs, which takes awhile to get sick off.

I remember in 90's you get the internet connected by dial up only of course the modems came in 24.4k speed 36.6k speed and 56k speed, i think there was one even slower than the 24.4k one

When 56k dialup speed came out everyone was going on about it and how you could do things so quickly, all you had to do was plug into a phone socket connect with an ISP and then you had the internet.

These days most people have broadband or wireless, not many people using dialup anymore, even though i know dial up is still around
Now you can sit anywhere with wireless technology and use a laptop, or you just get something like an IPhone and not need a computer at all it seems.

Isint it strange how so much has changed just in my life time, there are many other things as well like having a video player in your house which changed to a DVD player to a DVD recorder.

I wonder what else will change in my life time and i wonder if i will still be able to keep up with all the new technology.............oh i feel old now hehehe