Monday, March 16, 2009

Three year old with Bart Simpson Scar

I feel sorry for this little boy, it seems that while on holiday in Spain his mum allowed him to get a Henna tattoo of Bart Simpson. Im sure the mum really hates herself now for letting her little boy be scarred likes this.

His mum, Hayley, was assured it was safe, by the tattooist but a few days later Vinnie’s arm started to redden and blister around the edges of the tattoo.

Taking Vinnie to the doctors they where prescribed steroid cream but a day later it looked like the tattoo had been “scratched into his arm with a pin”, according to his mum.

“We’ve been told that the scarring in the shape of Bart Simpson may be permanent because he had such a bad reaction,” she said. “I feel so guilty.”

True henna inks, which are a red/brown colour, are harmless and fade within 10 days. But as this ink was black it most likely contained a hair dye chemical, which is cheaper for the tattooist and can cause dermatitis.

Henna if people dont know is supposed to be temporary lasting now more than 10 days, and if you no longer want the design you can use lemon juice which takes the henna away. How henna is made is Henna is extracted from a tree by drying and grinding leaves and stems. The greenish powder, when mixed with an acidic liquid, makes a temporary red, brown, or orange design on a porous surface.