Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Stuff

I often go to one 2nd hand store, buying books, craft items and sometimes clothes from there.

While i am there i speak to the people who work there and have become friendly with them, they often keep things aside for me if i don't come into the store.

Today i went in to see what new books they had and the lady asked me to wait as she had something for me, i was thinking to myself hmm i haven't asked for anything to be held so i wonder what it is.

As she knows i like doing craft and sewing and stuff she had collected in a bag a fair bit of craft items, cotton, latch hook, embroidery, an embroidery hoop and loads of others things, then she told me i could have all that was in the bag for free.

I was so surprised and am gonna have some great fun with all i got, what i wont use i will pass to another friend of mine who likes doing craft as well.

Isint it nice what people do