Sunday, July 19, 2009

WoW Birthday Cards

On this side of my screen i have Feedjit like im sure alot of people have which tells who and what people have come to your blog for.

One thing i often see is people who are looking for WoW birthday cards.

Ive previously written about how i made a card for my sister as well as talked about how i play the game World of Warcraft.

So i thought i would have a look to see if there are birthday cards or even cards that have something to do with WoW and below is what i found

Ding IRL Grats
WoW E-Cards
WoW Goodies - you can buy T-shirts, caps and stuff

It could be that people are looking for WoW TCG cards
TCG Cards (trading card game)

I just find it strange that people are somehow getting to my blog cause when i type in WoW birthday cards, or World of Warcraft birthday cards i dont see my blog at all...

But now people who are searching for such a thing will have a reference to go too...