Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Cockatiel

Yesterday i was reading a friends blog and she had written about her dog and how the dog was howling at a Television show.

After reading that i decided to see what would happen if i played some YouTube clips of other cockatiels talking and singing to my cockatiel Cello and see how would handle it.

When he first heard one he left my shoulder and flew around the room, im not sure if he was looking for the bird or trying to escape ( i know im mean)

After awhile he came back to sit on my shoulder and just looked at the screen, not worrying about anymore bird noises i brought up.
Cello for some reason dosent talk and he dosent really like being touched very much, but he will sit on my shoulder or hand, he was the runt of the litter so im thinking that maybe that is the reason he dosent do as much as other birds.
He does do somethings though, if i tap like a door or something like that he knows when i put my hand up to get him off my shoulder he will be sitting where i have tapped.


Arameya said...

I wonder if you're writing about me! Only realized the possibility after reading this twice.

Cello is pretty smart I think - to associate your tapping of someplace to mean you wanting him there.

With Zac it's similar. You just tap the spot and say "Come Zac! Here!" and he'll be on you like a rash.

Dion is another story. No matter how much we wave our arms, smack the spot, or generally make a fool of ourselves, he just sits right where he is.

Sigh, the stupidity. So glad we didn't get Dion's brother. Can you imagine the pain and frustration!?