Friday, July 24, 2009

Weird Tattoo's

While browsing the other day i got onto a page to do with Tattoo's and some of the tattoo's people get are so weird

Below are some that I found at CoedMagazine there are loads more you can look at, I wanted to add a different selection of what you can see

Pacman anyone

What was this guy thinking, Oh gee I am
a total Reject!!

This guy i dont get at all, why tattoo squares onto yourself

A different think to do to your arm when you have lost half of it, i wouldnt have thought of it

The worst thing that could happen though is that the tattoo that you got had spelling errors, imagine going through all the pain of getting the tattoo when it is spelt wrong


Arameya said...

Yea, the spelling errors must be the worst. Remember the whole fuss about some celebrity getting a Spanish (I think) saying misspelt and having it mean a totally different thing?


Tattooing has to be many times more painful if it's on an amputated limb - all those nerve endings!