Saturday, December 13, 2008

Doco My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist

I love to watch documentaries as people who read this page may notice

The one i watch last night was called "My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist Part 1" .

What it was about this week was a Holiday Resort in Venezuelan, where men can take a holiday called 'The Girlfriend Experience'. At the Total Satisfaction resort the men do what most holiday-makers do; sunbathe, sail and dine. But the guys also get to choose a girlfriend for the week, to treat them as if they where their real girlfriend

The resort is really a brothel with a difference: "Instead of providing a prostitute for just one hour a day, this gives a 24-hour experience,". When guests arrive, they pick from a line-up of prospective companions, who then move into the men's rooms as a "girlfriend for hire".

It is a fly-on-the-wall doco, which benefits from astonishingly frank and unfettered access, it follows the women as they deal with poor pay, diseased penises ("his dick looks like a corn cob," one of the staff complains) and revolting regulars such as Canadian Bob Fever: who believes the women enjoy his company.
When they arrive they tell the girls how they want to be treated, Bob who in the above picture wants the girls attention 24 hours a day, whenever he looks around she is to be there.
Another guy Bob W who came along said that he likes to not mingle with the other guests and that he wants a girl who will be able to handle that, the girl he chose was told that Bob W likes to drink diet coke with lemon and she was told that if he asked for a drink that she is to get the diet coke with lemon.

Next weeks show is going to be about Thailand, it is seen from the women's point of view, with two, hour-long documentaries reveal how sleeping with foreigners for money has become a mainstream career choice for many Third World girls.

The documentary was put together by Acclaimed director Monica Garnsey