Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jetsetters & Globetrotters Blog

Through Social Spark, V asked "Does My Blog Suck"? Jetsetters and Globetrotters

If you are thinking of travelling its a pretty good site to go to, you get an idea of what things you can buy at different price ranges, you can plan things on a budget to spending whatever you want on your trip.

I found some a few of the notes V wrote interesting.

My two favourite ones are:
Travel Buyables: Travel Toothbrushes - i like this one as i remember when
travelling to pack your toothbrush, this way you can leave your normal one
at home and take this one.
Tech Travel: Polaroid PoGo - when i was younger i wanted a Polaroid Camera
and not getting one, and now having a digital i never seem to print them out,
and with this you can have both.

About the only thing i would add to the Blog would be a link to places you can book trips through, eg Plane companies, or things can do in the area you live in something like that

Go have a look for yourself and see if there is information on this blog that can help you Jetsetters and Globetrotters