Saturday, August 30, 2008

So Tired

Last night or should i say this morning i didnt get to go to bed till 6am

What started as a normal night of playing World of Warcraft and raiding in Black Temple, my nephew came home and asked if it was cool for him to have some friends come in, so i said yeah sure no problems. One of the people i knew and have known his since he was 9 (now 18) another guy didnt know who he was.

The guy who i didnt know fell asleep on the couch, then my nephew was making food for them and asking me what i had so he didnt need to look to much.

About an hour later i went to have a smoke and noticed that my nephew is now asleep and the other 2 are sitting there playing Playstation (now 3am).

As im having my smoke the guy who i dont know asks me for a smoke which i give him, he then wont stop talking telling me all this stuff (i had to quickly get back to playing World of Warcraft).
He then follows me in and sits to watch what im doing, asking me questions and trying to get my attention.

Finally around 5am and seeing they are not moving, i say to the guy who i know that i want to go to bed so they have to go. The guy who i dont know goes to my couch to fall asleep again.
After 40 mins of them stuffing around and the guy i know telling the other guy he has to go, they finally leave.

I woke around 3.30pm and i feel wrecked, would be different if i felt this way cause of something i did, but when its someone else grrrrr