Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pumpkin Soup

I love eating pumpkin soup especially when it is winter, so for dinner tonight i am making pumpkin soup.

For years i had been looking for a recipe that made sense and the soup taste nice. My sister makes one where she cuts the pumpkin up and then bakes it in the oven till it is well cooked, then she adds the pumpkin to a pot with some other stuff and cooks it... To me that seems like a fair bit of work for something that should be easy to make.

About a year ago i finally found a recipe that works well and tastes great...the only difference is that i don't add cream to my soup (I'm diabetic)...what i do is add a can of cream of chicken soup, it adds the creaminess without as much fat as you would have in the cream.

This is the soup i make
3 times pumpkin
1 times potato
water to fill to the top of the pot
3 chicken cubes (or chicken stock)
1 can cream of chicken soup

Add the pumpkin and potato to pot
Add enough water to cover the vegetables
Add the chicken cubes
Simmer until vegetables are tender
Blend the vegetables
Add the can of soup
Blend till mixed in